The way of salvation has never changed since Jesus gave His great commission to the apostles. It was preached by Peter on the first Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus. Thereafter, example after example, in the book of Acts, leaves no doubt what the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commands of us today.
  1. The GOSPEL is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16). Those who are Christians are commanded to teach the gospel to all nations (Mat. 28:18-29; Mark 16:15).
  2. Those who hear the gospel are to BELIEVE that Jesus is the Son of God (Mark 16:16). There is no other name under heaven whereby men can be saved (Acts 4:12).
  3. Belief is to lead men to REPENT of their past sins (Luke 24:46-47; Acts 2:38). This is brought about by learning of the goodness of God and seeing our own lost condition (Rom. 2:4). It should be easy to see that neither the individual, who does not believe in Jesus, nor the one who will not repent, are ready to be servants of God. Therefore, God will not forgive them of their sins.
  4. They must CONFESS that Jesus is the Son of God (Acts 8:29-39; Rom. 10:10). Jesus also stated that if we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father. If we deny Him, He will deny us (Mat. 10:32-33).
  5. We are to be BAPTIZED (immersed) for the forgiveness of our sins (Mark 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; 22:16; Rom. 6:1-11; Gal. 3:27-28).
  6. Then, BE FAITHFUL UNTIL DEATH (Rev. 2:10).