About Us

Antioch Is A Place To Belong
Everyone needs a place to belong. A place where people know your name. A place where people care when you hurt. A place where people expect and encourage the best from one another.

Wouldn't it be great to find such a place? To discover that it believes in the worth and dignity of every person? That it believes in strong families, honesty, and hard work? That it seeks to honor God through all of its activities?

The Antioch church of Christ is striving to be that kind of place, that kind of people. When the Bible speaks of the church, it speaks of far more than a building. The church is people. God's people. Caring people. A place to belong. We believe Jesus' words, "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another." Peace, unity, and a warm, friendly atmosphere are trademarks of the Antioch church of Christ. We love and care for one another. We call one another by name. We visit in one another's homes. We are involved in one another's lives.

A Place For Young People
We do our best to make the children who attend the Antioch church of Christ feel loved and appreciated. From the time they are babies, they attend small, warm Bible classes. Their teachers redecorate their rooms and create exciting "take home" items regularly. They attempt to make learning so interesting and enjoyable that our children can hardly wait to get to Bible class.

We use Bible-centered curriculum designed to help the student understand all of God's Word. Our teachers believe the Bible and care about people. Every class encourages discussion, questions, and the active involvement of each student.

We have a great group of teenagers. Our frequent group devotionals and social outings make it easy to make friends. We make every attempt to use our young men in public assemblies for the purpose of training and experience. As our young ladies move into their latter teen years, we use them to teach or help teach classes for the younger children. Young people are an important part of our church family.

A Working Place
The Antioch church of Christ has a working concern for people. We know that every person has many God-given abilities. We believe that putting those abilities to use is key to happiness and fulfillment in this life.

We operate some type of "work emphasis" program year round. Through such type programs we encourage our members to "stay busy" for the Lord.

As needs arise, we help families care for their sick. Our members are divided into "work teams" through which meal needs are met; for the sick, family members of the sick, the bereaved, and people in other like circumstances. In addition, we respond to benevolence needs of those in the community.

All this and more are evidence of an active, involved membership. We, like our Lord, want to be remembered as people "who went about doing good."

A Place That Respects The Bible
In our age, people either ridicule or ignore the Bible. We do not! We will readily tell you that a respect for the Bible is needed for good spiritual health and a hope to build on in the future. Our leaders see that every sermon is Scriptural, practical, and understandable. Also, you are encouraged to read along and study for yourself. The Antioch church of Christ is overseen by good men, and served by those committed to the Word of God. We trust the Bible as the reliable guide in this troubled world.

A Place For You
Thank you for letting us tell you something about ourselves. We hope you will plan to visit with us. If you want to worship God with friendly, caring, and Bible-believing people, then the Antioch church of Christ could be just the place for you and your family.

We have no man-made standards for church membership. But, will show you from the Bible exactly what Christ and the first century Christians taught. If we do only what the Bible teaches we cannot be wrong.